Program Overview

School leadership and management are essential elements that help ensure the required teaching and learning standards are maintained within an educational institute. Therefore, completing a Bachelor’s degree with specialization in Education Administration and School Leadership can help you become a successful administrator, manager, or leader in schools, colleges, universities, and in a wide array of formal and informal education establishments. Through the means of this program, you will be equipped with the skills and insights to run such institutes, supervise the manpower and other resources, monitor the students’ requirements, and pursue a slew of other managerial actions that can be both exhausting but sweetly rewarding.

Phase 1

Asian College of Teachers offers an online Certificate in Education Administration and School Leadership (EASL) program, the completion of which will enable you to be certified by ACT. The length of the program can range between 3 and 6 months, depending on your self-paced learning pattern, your education background, and your prior experience in the field of teaching and education

This Online ECC program will contribute towards your specialization for the B.Ed. program and the Capstone project. The capstone project includes a 3,000-word paper (a part of your EASL program), wherein you will have to elect a research topic related to educational administration and leadership, and then show profound comprehension of the selected topic via your research paper. This project will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge of both theories and the understanding of practical applications in the education world.

Phase 2

The second phase will lead you into the B.Ed. program, where you need to undertake 12 modules from European International University. Each module comprises a reflection paper that will be assessed to evaluate your performance and contributions as a student in the program. After successful completion, you will receive a globally recognised B.Ed. degree from European International University, Paris.

Some Features of the B.Ed Program

Enjoy learning from the comfort of your home without a set schedule. You set your own timetable.

Learn valuable methods and techniques explained by top experts in the creative sector.

Secure your full nationally and globally recognised Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) from the European International University, Paris, France.

Enjoy smooth and constant access to the LMS and study materials, Special live online class and reference study options. Tutor guidance is also available for all assignments.

Learning Outcome

The B.Ed. program with a focus on education administration will empower the learners with a broad understanding of what leadership really means and includes, and guide them on how to become a successful leader with a strong vision. Besides, a detailed exploration of the principles of education, and its multiple systems and structures are also included.

  • You will learn the basics of planning, budgeting, marketing and sales, operation management.
  • The program covers various aspects of the training, major components of human relations, performance appraisal, steps of the interview process, training and development, assessment based on performance, training evaluation outcome which would help in the assessment and further improvisation.
  • You will master the various elements of supervision, the role of the supervisor, the long- and short-term goal, the role of the team members in the decision-making process of an organization.
  • The curriculum issues in administration, curriculum and instruction, the various approaches, the 21st century curriculum, and how is it different from 20th century curriculum, understanding the institution as a context, and organization.
  • The program delves into the areas of leading and motivating a team, communicating a vision in an effectual manner, the various types of motivation, the ways to delegate work, and negotiation tactics.
  • Draw from theory and research to apply knowledge of the needs of students from diverse backgrounds and across the full range of abilities to enhance learning.
  • Assess student learning and analyse diverse sources of data to support valid judgements of student learning.
  • Plan and deliver effective teaching and learning experiences with demonstrated impact.
  • Use technologies appropriately for learning and teaching.
  • Engage in critical and reflective practice based on local, national and international research
  • Create and manage positive and inclusive learning environments for all students, including those from different cultural backgrounds.

Admission Requirement

An online learning university is the best option for those adults and professionals who choose not to attend a formal campus-based university.

Every adult student's situation and profile is different, and we like to handle each case individually, with focused attention and care. Contact us to get your questions answered directly. Then, you will be ready to apply for admission. Please note that ACT or EIU does not provide visa and immigration services, because all our distance learning degree programs may be completed at home.

Basic admission requirements:

Admission to the Online Bachelor of Education with Education Administration (Edu. Adm.) program is open to students from all disciplines.

This program is designed for adults with some prior, professional teaching experience or certification in teaching. Those without prior teaching experience and teaching certification will have to start with our online bridge course in “Teaching & Learning” and then progress into the Certificate in Early Childhood Education program (Specialization subject) from Asian College of Teachers and then continue on to the B.Ed. modules offered by EIU.

  • Recognised Bachelor’s Degree in any field or Equivalent level.
  • Adequate English language proficiency (IELTS 6.0 or its equivalent).
  • At least 1 year’s working experience as a professional teacher.

NB: Admission is also granted based on your professional experience or any other qualifications apart from a Bachelor’s degree. Contact us for more details at:

Program Requirements

This program has two distinct parts. Part one is delivered by Asian College of Teachers and has the specialization module. Students will have to successfully attempt all MCQ tests and prepare a 3,000-words research project on the topic that forms a part of the Capstone project, in order to complete the first part of the program

Part Two is from European International University, wherein you have to complete 12 modules. A reflection paper has to be completed for each module, and they should not be less than 1,500 words. While writing the reflection papers, you need to draw on your learnings from the modules and refer to them to demonstrate your knowledge and insights regarding the content covered. Doing so will help you successfully complete the Bachelor’s degree.

To receive a degree in the program of study, the following must be achieved:

  • Complete and successfully pass ALL the 12 modules, as well as the Capstone project as mentioned in the program specification.
  • Secure a mark of 50% and above to satisfactorily pass each core module as well as the Action Research paper.
  • Complete the full program of study within the duration of 12 to 36 months. After 36 months from enrollment date, you will be required to re-enroll for the entire program, and pay full programme fee again.


Bridge Program

Principles of Education –

  • Educational Psychology and Theories of Learning
  • Different Teaching Methods/Approaches for YL & AL
  • Teacher as facilitator- monitoring & motivation

Teaching Practice -

  • Lesson planning and instructional strategies
  • Assessment and evaluation in differentiated learning
  • Inclusive Classroom management with emphasis on special education needs
  • Resource and material Development
  • Language learning VS acquisition

Specialization Program / Capstone Project – From ACT

Education Administration & School Leadership

  • Components of Educational Administration
  • Human relations in Educational Administration
  • Educational Supervision
  • Decision Making in Educational Administration
  • Curriculum Issues in Administration
  • Understanding Institution as an organisation and its context
  • Understanding Education Leadership
  • Leading and motivating a team effectively
  • Understanding organising and delegating in the workplace
  • Planning and allocating work
  • Solving problems and making decisions
  • Understanding the communication process in the workplace
  • Capstone Project preparation and writing (Ongoing till the end of the B.Ed.)

B.Ed. Core Modules from EIU

  • Creating Open Educational Resources
  • Changes in Science Education
  • Supporting Children's Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Facilitating Group Discussions
  • Inclusive Education
  • The Interplay Between Leading and Learning
  • Issues in Research with Children and Young People
  • Learning to Teach: An Introduction to Classroom Research
  • Learning to Teach: Becoming a Reflective Practitioner
  • Learning to Teach: Making Sense of Learning to Teach
  • Play, Learning and the Brain
  • Educational Leadership and Management

Fees and Funding

Payment – B.Ed. Education Administration

Here we present different payment options available. Payments can be made via Online Bank Transfer, Credit Card, PayPal or Cash at our Centers.

Total fee

  • 2,20,000 INR– If Paying in India
  • 3000 USD – If Paying from USA
  • 2000 GBP – If Paying from UK or EU
  • 90000 Thai Baht – If Paying in Asia

All fees include

Tax. Fees, Program of study, LMS Access, study guide, evaluation and assessment, diploma, and transcript. Courier charges will apply for the dispatch of the Diploma and the Transcript to your respective country. Bridge Course fee is separate and is applicable for students who wish to take the B.Ed. program, but have no teaching experience and or a teaching certification.

Refund Policy

Once students register for a course, they are responsible for dropping any course they decide not to attend.

  • Once you have enrolled into the program and decide to immediately pull out; 25% of the tuition fee will be refunded.
  • No refund for students who have received course access and have already started off with the program for ACT and EIU.


All of our applicants are eligible for scholarships. They are generally customised as per the professional and educational backgrounds of the candidates, and their specific abilities that help them stand out from the others. The scholarship will depend on the educational qualification, area of academic interest as well as the GPA i.e. Grade Point Average of the student, which will measure his/her overall academic grade. Teaching/ training/professional experiences will also be taken into account for the scholarship program. All deserving applicants will find the right scholarship, which will help boost their future plans, and allow them to enjoy an affordable learning experience.


Opportunity for two separate certifications

Candidates will get a Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care after successfully completing the first part of the program, certified jointly by ACT & CPD, UK. After completing the remaining part of the program, the candidates will be eligible to receive the Bachelor’s degree certificate conferred by European International University (EIU).

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) – The certificate issued by Asian College of Teachers has the valuable endorsement of national and international bodies of repute like Training Qualifications, UK (TQUK), CPD, UK, NCC, UK – all prestigious British awarding body.

The European International University (EIU) – Paris, is a private higher education establishment authorized by the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Research, and Innovation, in accordance to and in compliance with the French Education Act: Code de l’Education Articles L 444-1 to 444-11 and R 444-1 to 444-28. The European International University (EIU-Paris) is duly authorized as a Professional Training service provider in accordance to Article R.6351-6 of the French Employment Code, under the registration number: 11755784775, with the prefecture of the region of ILE-DE-FRANCE.

Your final degree is from European International University (EIU), Paris, France

Career & Opportunities

What jobs can I get with a B.Ed. in Education Administration?

Educational management is one of the most gratifying career choices a professional can make as it will enable you to tread along and work with the different strands of education. Where else can a manager work with a team to create curriculum, resources, technologies, or policies? This inclusive experience is surely bound to be very promising and rewarding. The options for educational administrators are as vast as education itself and touches on many areas in the realms of business and leadership.

This B.Ed. Education Administration can prepare you to:

  • Prepare for a career in private organizations : Workers with an inclination towards teaching and child development will be adequately trained in areas like professionalism, management, finance, and organizational behavior. Thus, they will be in a perfect position to apply those skills to work as a director of a private day care center.
  • Prepare for a career in public schools at the elementary and secondary level : Some of today's very best school principals got their start as teachers in the classroom. As it happens, there is no substitute for experience, and therefore, principals who know the struggles a teacher goes through are more capable of building a successful career at a school knowing he is trusted as a high-quality leader.
  • Prepare for a career in higher education administration : Administration at the university level is considered by many as being the apex of education management and administration. Colleges and universities have multi-million-dollar budgets, huge staffs, and sometimes billions of dollars invested in assets to manage. Opting for a career in higher education management can be a great choice for professionals, as it is a highly respected and often a very lucrative opportunity. While deans and provosts will usually have completed a doctorate as a part of their training, a graduate degree in education management can play a huge role in their educational process.
  • Prepare for a career in government : A career in educational government is especially attractive for graduate students who want to make a difference through social reform and policy development. Professionals at this level need a strong working knowledge of the needs students and educators to have such things can run smoothly at the local level.

There are also jobs you can get with a Bachelors in Education degree that don't involve teaching or working with students. These include:

  • Academic advisor
  • Corporate trainer
  • Curriculum consultant
  • Curriculum developer
  • Education consultant
  • Education policy analyst
  • Instructional designer
  • Private tutor
  • Standardized test developer
  • Test prep specialist

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