EIU Disclaimer

EIU Disclaimer

The European International University (EIU) is a private, independent, higher education establishment, incorporated in Paris, France. EIU does not claim to be offering FRENCH NATIONALLY ACCREDITED programmes, nor does it claim to confer academic degrees as do traditional public or private universities in France or other parts of the world. EIU skill-development programmes and their ensuing awards and certifications are most conducive to personal and professional development purposes. EIU does not claim that it’s programmes or professional awards are academic in nature, as do other traditional/public/private universities in France or other parts of the world. Students are required to do their own independent research regarding the suitability of EIU programmes and ensuing certifications based on assessment of their own personal and professional development needs before enrolling into EIU programmes. EIU does not guarantee that the certifications conferred are accepted by other institutions of higher learning for further studies. EIU does not guarantee that the certifications conferred are accepted by employers, both private and public (government agencies), for job seeking and/or promotion purposes. Being a private, independent, higher education establishment, EIU awards and certifications cannot be legalized by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris, France, nor attested by any embassy in Paris, France. Candidates who wish to legalize their EIU awards could do so by following the apostille process, which is a service provided by EIU through its legal agency in Paris, France.

What is an Apostille Certificate?

The Apostille is an official or a specialized certificate from a government/secretary of State that makes a document from one country acceptable in another country in regard to the usage of such certificates. Usually the Apostille Certificate is mostly issued by the country from which the document comes from although in some cases other states can also issue the Apostille. The Apostille is attached to your original document to verify its legitimacy and the authenticity of signatures and seals which can be presented in any country which recognizes the Apostille. The organization receiving the document can accept the seals or signatures as true and valid and should not ask for further evidence or proof.

Online Verification

EIU boasts of its unique diploma/degree authentication system which is entirely online and is accessible by any employers/schools/institutions to scrutinise and confirm the course of study along with additional particulars of the graduate.

Academic Acceptance

It is quite exceptional that any institution will accept an online degree just by seeing the documents. How can anyone be assured of the authentication of those paper works? Hence, companies and institutes present in various nook and corner of the world follow diverse ways to authenticate the reliability of the degrees presented to them.

Asian College of Teachers thus offers numerous validation options for the degrees received from EIU via self-governing, third-party organizations along with the standard international legalization measures, but these may attract an added fee and extra time. Furthermore, both ACT and EIU offer validation letters to the institution/organization where you have applied. Besides, ACT provides reference letters to the institutions and organizations for verification and performance in the courses. However, the rules differ as per their guidelines of the specific country.