East Bridge College (EBC)

About East Bridge College

East Bridge College (EBC) is a private, independent, and innovative higher education institution that commits itself on delivering commendable distance learning opportunities to working adults. We, at EBC, want to ensure that our students receive the best quality of learning, and have, therefore, designed programs that are accredited by renowned educational bodies, are affordable, accessible, and highly flexible to align with the learners’ packed schedules. We provide 100% online, self-paced programs, which enable students to learn anytime anywhere.

East Bridge College is a duly registered post-secondary educational institution with the State Government of Delaware, United States of America (Registration File Number: 5121815 and Accredited with an EIN Number: 30-1250115

To verify EBC proof of registration with the State Government of Delaware search for EAST BRIDGE COLLEGE through the official link below:

Perfectly valid degrees are legitimately earned via an Online learning higher education programs like the ones offered by East Bridge College (EBC). The pedagogy employed by EBC’s online, higher education degrees are substantially efficient because not only does it involves a very content-specific, and relevant syllabus, but it also endorses a remarkable selection of academic sources, and requires the students to participate in reflective and research-based assessments that can be done without the stress generally associated with traditional exams.

With regards to the acceptance of our application for recognition and accreditation by academic institutions based in other countries, it is important to note that the decision by these institutions will purely depend on them and their judgment of EBC’s programs, quality of faculty, accreditations, professional memberships, and licenses.

East Bridge College (EBC) is a part of the large education conglomerate - Asian College of Teachers (ACT) and is formed in the USA, the UK and Thailand as a degree awarding entity. EBC is self-governing but runs integrated operations with the ACT system to leverage the 14 years of credible and trustworthy experience in the Education ecosystem that ACT boasts of. Both ACT and EBC are part of the same sponsor group.

The recognition of any qualification for employment purposes is a matter within the discretion of individual employers and institutions.

Why EBC?

East Bridge College was created as a consequence of the failure of formal education to address the real pedagogical requirements of adult distance learning higher education. East Bridge College is a decentralized global educational network and the sum of three organizations operating in USA for the North and South American Students, UK to cover the European Students and Thailand to cater to the Asian and Indian Subcontinent students

1. East Bridge College, LLC, USA
2. East Bridge College Ltd, UK
3. East Bridge Training Co., Ltd, Thailand

EBC Distance Learning College is a truly international institution offering Adult Degree Programs and with an actual presence in each of the world’s main cultural hub: America, Europe and Asia.

EBC distance learning degree programs are highly affordable and can be entirely completed online. Curricula are designed to meet the needs of the adult learners who can study by working around their busy schedule. Credit is granted based on prior learning and experience. Upon enrollment, study materials will be provided by EBC via online access. The student will be required to write reports about the assigned contents as a way of evaluating his/her academic program progress and outcome. A project or thesis is a part of the study as is the norm for any distance learning degree program.

East Bridge College Administrative Center

The East Bridge College administrative center allows and preserves the legality and validity of EBC’s degrees, providing the legal power to issue higher degrees. These administrative centers are responsible for coordinating recognition procedures and international legalization of degrees. They are supervised by the Chief Executive Officer and the different university registrars who are located in the USA (Delaware) and the Asia Pacific (Thailand)

East Bridge Academic Board

The East Bridge College Academic Board ensures the quality and availability of different programs of study and develops the pedagogical aspects of the distance learning system. This board is in charge of designing programs and evaluating student work. It provides the academic validity and effectiveness of EBC programs through a sound academic team of teachers, supervisors and doctors from prestigious traditional universities of different countries. This academic team is supervised by the Chief Academic Officer and the Administrative Center.

Degree Recognition

East Bridge College is simultaneously registered in the USA (Delaware) and the United Kingdom (London) and Thailand (Bangkok). Consequently, all EBC distance learning degrees can be issued and legalized in these countries.

Ministry of Education

It is a non-formal and independent education, leading to degrees exempt from formal recognition by the Ministry of Education, USA.

Accreditation - Education Quality

The accreditation process usually happens to be non-governmental and voluntary. In the United States of America (USA), there is no Federal Ministry of Education or a centralized authority to exert unanimous national control over post-secondary educational institutions. Subsequently, the educational institutions sprawled across the USA tend to widely differ in terms of the quality, content, and other features specific to their respective degree programs. Therefore, accreditation in the USA becomes all the more vital in order to maintain consistency and have distance learning programs that are evaluated and recognized by a credible body.

East Bridge College is accredited, recognized, and is a member of several international bodies. It meets the quality standards of numerous educational organizations in various countries. However, it is important to note that none of these international bodies have been recognized by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation in the USA (CHEA–USA). CHEA is a bon-governmental, US-based independent organization that amalgamates nearly 3,000 degree-granting traditional universities located in different sections of the country. Besides, this council acknowledges about 60 institutional and programmatic accrediting organizations that provide voluntary and self-regulation processes to ensure academic quality. In the USA, accreditation by CHEA is important for two main reasons:

1. First, it establishes standards for academic quality that the universities must then aim to achieve. This is particularly essential in a country whose Constitution renders freedom of education.
2. Second, it distributes US Federal Grants among its members so that optimal investments can be made to tighten the reliability of the learning and degrees offered. Distance learning higher education organizations are excluded from accessing these federal grants.

About European International University

EBC is affiliated to European International University, whereby all our students completing their courses will receive certification from East Bridge College, accredited by European International University (EIU). The European International University was successfully incorporated on 29th May 2018 in Paris, France, at 66 Avenue des Champs Elysées 75008 Paris (Registration at RCS No.: 839 980 851 R.C.S. Paris) as an independent private provider for higher education. It offers higher education courses which are absolutely different from the French National Curricula Programs as well as the courses leading to the French Government accredited qualifications from different universities falling under the French Public Higher Education sector.

European International University is accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC). The University has earned Premier status with ASIC for its commendable areas of operation. ASIC accreditation helps students and parents make a more informed choice and will also help a school, college, university, training provider or distance education provider, demonstrate to the international student body that they are a high quality institution. ASIC is recognised by UKVI in UK, is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) in USA and is listed in their International Directory, is a member of the BQF (British Quality Foundation), are affiliates of ENQA (European Network for Quality Assurance) and are institutional members of EDEN (European Distance and E-Learning Network).”

EIU is members with the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), the Association for Transnational Higher Education Accreditation (ATHEA), the European Council for Business Education (ECBE), the Accreditation Agency Curacao (AAC), and many other notable bodies.

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