Integrated Master’s and Professional Doctorate in Education


Master’s degree with Professional Doctorate in Education – Asian College of Teachers and EIU-Paris

Asian College of Teachers & EIU-Paris jointly present Professional Degree Courses, featuring an Integrated Master’s and Professional Doctorate in Education. This program offers a seamless educational journey, blending advanced academic study with practical application to equip aspiring educators with comprehensive expertise for impactful careers in the field of education.

Program Overview

For the ultimate degree program to enhance your expertise in your current profession, consider the Integrated Master’s and Professional Doctorate in Education. Presented by Asian College of Teachers in collaboration with European International University (EIU- Paris), this program combines a Master’s degree with a Professional Doctorate in Education. It commences with foundational Master’s components, including the study of modern learner psychology and effective internet research methods.

Advancing to the core curriculum of our Integrated Masters with Professional Doctorate in Education, you will explore topics such as creating optimal learning environments, various instructional strategies, managing diverse learner behaviour, and in-depth education research methods. Specializations in Education are available for your selection. Subsequently, you will transition to the Professional Doctorate in Education, where you will focus on advanced research guided by a supportive thesis advisor, culminating in a thesis defense to attain your Doctorate.

Special Features of the Course

1. 2-year integrated program (can be extended to 4 years)
2. Flexible fees 
3. Friendly thesis advisor
4. Learn at your own pace 
5. Two high value certificates from EIU-Paris
6. Become an alumnus of a large network of educators 
7. Attend Doctorate Convocation in India or Bangkok within 24 months after Graduation (includes Graduation Gown and 1 Pass to the event)
8. Receive an award of achievement in education during the convocation by Asia Education
Conclave in India or Bangkok within 24 months after Graduation

Admission Requirement

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) customizes learning experiences to fit your schedule, with subjects designed to cater to adult learners. The flexible timetable allows you to study around your commitments. Many professionals today are turning to online learning as a viable alternative to traditional on-campus study, offering the opportunity to earn a prestigious degree from an international university remotely.

We understand that each adult learner has a unique background and specific requirements, and we address each case individually. Feel free to reach out to us for direct answers to your questions. Once you have the information you need, you can proceed with your admission application. Please note that ACT does not provide visa and immigration services, as all our distance learning degree programs can be completed from the comfort of your home.

Basic admission requirements:

Aspirants from all disciplines can take admission to the Integrated Master’s and Professional Doctorate in Education:

1. Admission to this professional course is open to students from all disciplines
2. Recognised Bachelor’s Degree in any field or equivalent level
3. English Level – IELTS Level 6.0 or equivalent

Disclaimer: ACT-EIU Professional Doctorate Certificate programmes are coursework based and is DIFFERENT from that offered by EIU-Paris PD, which is an Honorary Type Awards programme.

Program Requirements

All our Master’s programs under Faculty of Education have four distinct parts:

  • Part One – Foundation Course which comprises of 10 credits and 2 Subjects
  • Part Two – Core Program comes with 30 credits and 6 Subjects
  • Part Three – 4 Specialization Subjects have 20 credits
  • Part Four – Capstone Project which is a reflective research work comprises of 30 credits

The Professional Doctorate involves four stages:

  • Coursework 1 - Conducting Accurate Internet Research and Introduction to Research
  • Coursework 2 – Understanding Education as a Discipline
  • Dissertation (15,000 words research)
  • A live online defense in front of a panel

*Throughout the program, you will become familiar with the theoretical problems relevant to your professional field and reflect on how you can integrate these into your own research project.

To receive a degree in the program of study the student must achieve the following:

  • Complete and successfully pass Master’s and Doctorate subjects as prescribed in the program specification.
  • Obtain a score of 50% and above to satisfactorily pass each subject
  • Complete the full program of study in minimum duration of 2 years and a maximum duration of up to 4 years. However, those unable to complete the program within the stipulated time will be given a grace period of 1 year and the student would be required to pay a maintenance bench fee to finish his/her degree within that grace period
  • Students can attend 6 Live Online Webinar Sessions during the entire program from expert teachers at no additional cost.

Curriculum and Credits

Foundation (Credits 10)

  • Psychology and Characteristics of Learners
  • Conducting Accurate Internet Research

Core (30 credits)

  • Developing, Planning & Designing learning Environment
  • Digital literacy – 21st Century Classroom
  • Assessment & Evaluation in Education
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Behavioral Management – Social and Emotional Competence of Learners
  • Introduction to Education Research

Specialization (20 credits)

Capstone Project (30 credits) - Choose 1

  • Prepare a paper on any one topic of by attending a one live online webinar from ACT – 5000 words
  • Attend any seminar on Education in your region and create a reflective paper on the same – 5000 words
  • Research Paper – 21st century Teaching – 5000 words

Professional Doctorate in Education Programs Available:

  • Professional Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Professional Doctorate in Education
  • Professional Doctorate in Education Administration & Leadership
  • Professional Doctorate in Educational Psychology
  • Professional Doctorate in Special Education
  • Professional Doctorate in Teaching
  • Professional Doctorate in Learning & Development


Different payment options are available. Payments can be made via Online Bank Transfer, Credit Card, PayPal or Cash at our Global Centers

Total fee

  • 4300 USD– If Paying from USA or paying in USD
  • 3385 GBP – If Paying from UK or EU
  • 157000 THB– If Paying in Asia
  • 352000 INR – If Paying in India

All fees include tax. Fees include all: Program of study, LMS access, study guide, evaluation and assessment, diploma and transcript. Courier charges apply for Diploma and Transcript dispatch to your country. Certificate Notary and Apostille charges are separate from USA. Please check with your admission adviser for more details.

Refund Policy

Once applicants register for a course, they are responsible for dropping any course they decide not to attend.

  • Once a candidate has enrolled in the program and wish to immediately pull out before any access has been granted - 50% of the tuition fee will be refunded
  • No refund for candidates who have received course access and have already started off with the program from ACT
  • Read all Terms and Conditions before making payments
  • Processing of refunds make take up to 3 months

Awarding Body

  • All degrees will be conferred by The European International University (EIU– Paris).
  • Students will also receive a Letter of Completion from Asian College of Teachers (ACT).
  • European International University is a private higher education establishment authorized by the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Research, and Innovation, in accordance to and in compliance with the French Education Act: Code de l’Education Articles L 444-1 to 444-11 and R 444-1 to 444-28.

Career & Opportunities

Completing an Integrated Master’s and Professional Doctorate in Education can open up a multitude of job opportunities. Graduates with this advanced degree are well-equipped to excel in various educational roles. A wide array of career prospects awaits post completion.

1. Elevate your teaching and instructional career
2. Step into leadership positions within educational institutions
3. Forge a path as an educational researcher
4. Pursue roles as an educational administrator
5. Qualify for senior positions like Head of Department
6. Transition to roles such as Director of Education or Education Consultant
7. Venture into the field of teacher training

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