Master of Arts in Education with Pre and Primary Teaching


MA in Education with Pre and Primary Teaching – Asian College of Teachers and EIU-Paris

The online MA in Education with Pre and Primary Teaching, jointly offered by Asian College of Teachers and EIU-Paris, is designed for pre and primary section teachers to enhance their knowledge in areas such as Pre and Primary Grammar and Language Learning, Phonology, Lesson Planning in Pre & Primary Education, Advanced Pedagogy, and the Project Method. These areas of focus are intended to help teachers better connect with learners of this age group.

Program Overview

The Online MA in Education with Pre and Primary Teaching from Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is designed to provide individuals with an in-depth knowledge in the field of education and will make them adept at taking responsibilities in areas such as: designing 21st century classroom, fostering digital literacy, curriculum development, academic management, educational assessment and evaluation.

This particular Master’s program focuses on the varied aspects of pre and primary teaching. Pre and primary teaching is way more than just teaching the curriculum, it is also about gaining an understanding of the ways to create happy classrooms as the teaching quality affects both children's intellectual development and social behaviour. Pre and primary education have an influential impact on children's academic progress. Global research on pre and primary pedagogical strategies suggest that teachers need to be sensitive to the individual needs of children and provide resources that align with those needs which will stimulate student thinking to advance their learning.

  • ACT’s admission process is quite easy and compliant
  • Candidates can apply online and send in their application
  • ACT’s admission department will contact candidates via mail
  • Candidates can opt for any form of online payment method
  • Applications are now open; apply now!


An online learning university is the best option for those adults and professionals who choose not to attend a formal campus-based university.

Every adult student's situation and profile vary, and we handle each case individually, with focused attention and care. Contact us to get your questions answered directly. Then, you will be ready to apply for admission. Please note that ACT does not provide visa and immigration services, because all our distance learning degree programs can be completed from home.

Basic admission requirements:

  • Aspirants from all disciplines can take admission to the Master's Degree in pre and primary education.
  • High School certificate
  • Recognized Bachelor Degree in any field or equivalent level
  • Life Experience and prior learning credits are available
  • English Level – IELTS Level 5.0 or High School study of all subjects in English or at least 55% marks in English in your High School is desired
  • Knowledge of Internet and browsing, MS Word and Online Research Skill is required

Program Requirements

  • Complete the full program of study in minimum duration of 12 months, and a maximum duration of up to 36 months.
  • After 24 months duration from enrolment date, the student would need to pay a maintenance bench fee for additional months of extension.
  • Students can attend 6 Live Online Webinar Sessions during the entire program from expert teachers at no additional cost.

All our M.A. programs under Faculty of Education have four distinct parts:

  • Part One – Foundation Course which comprises of 10 credits and 2 Subjects
  • Part Two – Core Program comes with 30 credits and 6 Subjects
  • Part Three – Specialization of Subjects, comes with 20 credits divided into 4 Specialized subjects
  • Part Four - Capstone Project which is a reflective research work comprises of 30 credits

Curriculum and Credits

Foundation (10 credits)

  • Psychology and Characteristics of Learners
  • Conducting Accurate Internet Research

Core (30 credits)

  • Developing, Planning & Designing learning Environment
  • Digital literacy – 21st Century Classroom
  • Assessment & Evaluation in Education
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Behavioral Management – Social and Emotional Competence of Learners
  • Introduction to Education Research

Specializations (20 credits)

  • Introduction to Pre and Primary Teaching
  • Pre and Primary Grammar and Language Learning
  • Phonology and Lesson Plan in Pre & Primary Education
  • Advanced Pedagogy and Project Method

Capstone Project (30 credits) - Choose 1

  • Prepare a paper on any one topic of by attending a one live online webinar from ACT – 5000 words
  • Attend any seminar in Education in your region and create a reflective paper on the same – 5000 words
  • Research Paper – Pre and Primary Pedagogical Strategies – 5000 words


Total fee

  • 2800 USD – If paying from USA or paying in USD
  • 2400 GBP – If paying from UK or EU
  • 100000 Thai Baht – If paying in Asia
  • 2,10,000 INR– If paying in India

All fees include tax.

Fees include all: Program of study, LMS access, study guide, evaluation and assessment, diploma and transcript. Courier charges apply for Diploma and Transcript dispatch to your country. Certificate Notary and Apostille charges are separate from USA. Please check with your admission adviser for more details.

Refund Policy

Once applicants register for a course, they are responsible for dropping any course they decide not to attend.

  • Once a candidate has enrolled in the program and wish to immediately pull out before any access has been granted - 50% of the tuition fee will be refunded
  • No refund for candidates who have received course access and have already started off with the program from ACT
  • Read all Terms and Conditions before making payments
  • Processing of refunds make take up to 3 months


All of our applicants are eligible for scholarships. They are generally customized as per the professional and educational backgrounds of the candidates, and their specific abilities that help them stand out from the others. The scholarship will depend on the educational qualification, area of academic interest as well as the GPA i.e. Grade Point Average of the student, which will measure his/her overall academic grade. Teaching/ training/professional experiences will also be taken into account for the scholarship program. All deserving applicants will find the right scholarship, which will help

Awarding Body

  • All degrees will be conferred by The European International University (EIU– Paris).
  • Students will also receive a Letter of Completion from Asian College of Teachers (ACT).
  • European International University is a private higher education establishment authorized by the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Research, and Innovation, in accordance to and in compliance with the French Education Act: Code de l’Education Articles L 444-1 to 444-11 and R 444-1 to 444-28.

Career & Opportunities

Anyone who’s passionate about teaching young learners can opt for this course as it provides a smooth path towards a successful career in pre and primary teaching. The online MA in Education with Pre and Primary Teaching program emphasizes on the education of kids aged 2 to 12 years thus allowing educators to connect with learners. The program guides on supporting their learning and helping them to succeed both inside and outside the classrooms and also provides the scope to help them prepare for secondary education. An advanced master's degree in primary education trains graduates to work with learners up to the age-group of 12 years (sixth grade) and open a world of job opportunities in:

An advanced degree in pre and primary teaching trains graduates to work with learners up to the age-group of 12 years (sixth grade) and open a world of job opportunities in:

An advanced degree in the mentioned field can open a wide range of job opportunities in:

  • teaching
  • coordination
  • administration
  • caregiving

Having a master's degree in pre and primary teaching can qualify individuals for a job as:

  • Coordinator / administrator in pre-primary and primary schools
  • Institutional Managers
  • Curriculum designers
  • teaching staff management
  • administrative manager
  • Heads of primary schools
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